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Try Out These Monthly HVAC Maintenance Tips to Try and Prevent Expensive Repairs

Try Out These Monthly HVAC Maintenance Tips to Try and Prevent Expensive Repairs

When you live in Colorado, you know that summers can be hot enough to need a cooler home, and when winter arrives, you’ll be glad you have a furnace keeping things warm during the harsh nights.

It’s because we rely on our HVAC systems throughout the year that we should give them some occasional maintenance. Just like you don’t ignore your car as the seasons change, the same is true for the environmental control system of your home.

All you have to do is follow a few of these easy steps to prevent big problems from hitting your HVAC when you’ll really need it.

Regularly Replace Your Filter

There’s one part of an HVAC system that every homeowner should be familiar with and handle on his or her own, and that’s the filter.

This is a consumable that is designed to capture contaminants and other particles that are carried through your ventilation and prevent them from circulating throughout the home.

The average household is advised to change this filter every season, or three months.

However, certain lifestyle choices may require more periodic checks and replacement due to higher levels of contaminants in the home.

People who have pets or smokers that regularly smoke indoors are a few of the homeowner types that fall under this category.

Examine & Clear Out Your Outdoor Fixtures

If you are enjoying the benefits of newer, high-efficiency furnaces and central air, then you’re likely to have a lot of outdoor fixtures, such as pipes, vents and condensers.

These fixtures do a dual job of either taking air in to process and distribute around your home, or purge waste, like steam and water to maintain a higher level of efficiency.

That efficiency is impacted by anything that interferes with air flow. Take the time to occasionally inspect these fixtures outside your home.

Make sure they’re clear of leaves, plants, dirt or anything else that can block the flow. Otherwise, you’ll pay more on your energy bills than you need to.

Have Your HVAC Tuned Up Once a Year

An annual tune-up of your car is a normal part of your yearly routine, especially when a major seasonal change is on the way.

The same thing applies to your HVAC system, and, like a car, it’s better to get a qualified professional to do the inspection and tune up.

With a qualified expert giving your HVAC the once over, it’s much faster and more efficient to see if everything is working smoothly.

More importantly however, a professional can find the little problems and solve them before they turn into big ones, like refilling the coolant in the A/C.


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