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5 Reasons to Schedule a Drain Clearing Service

5 Reasons to Schedule a Drain Clearing Service

Do you recall the last time your home’s drains were cleared? Or are you wondering why no one told you that you need to have your drains cleared? If so, you’re in the right place. Your house drain is a heavy-duty pipe that receives the water flowing from all the smaller drains throughout your home and carries the water, as well as whatever is in it, out of your home and to the sewer.

This hard-working drain is often neglected, and when that happens, serious clogs can occur. If you notice your drains are slow, but no amount of drain clearing chemicals or plumbing snakes are helping, your house drain may be clogged. To prevent these clogs, it’s important to schedule an annual drain clearing service. Here are 5 reasons to pick up the phone and call our Castle Rock drain specialists today.

1. Reduces Blockages and Clogs

Regularly scheduled drain clearing can help prevent the buildup that causes drains to clog. Over time, soap residue, fat, oil, grease, hair, and more can build up and create sludge in your drains. If it’s never cleaned, it will eventually block your drain, and may even cause a plumbing emergency. Commercial drain cleaners often aren’t enough to take care of these deposits, but a professional plumber can make sure that your drains will keep flowing for years to come.

2. Eliminates Odors

Nobody likes a smelly drain, and if yours have been starting to turn sour, it’s definitely time to find out why. A clogged drain not only prevents water from draining properly, it also can force bad smells back up your pipes and into your home. Rather than spray an air freshener and hope for the best, prevent the issue by scheduling an annual drain clearing service.

3. Protects Your Family’s Health

If you’re diligent about protecting your family from bacteria and other household pests, then you definitely don’t want a clogged drain backing up into your home. Not only can it cause water damage and unpleasant smells, but when your sewage is backing up, it can introduce germs, bugs, and other nasties into your home.

4. Saves You Money

When a drain backs up, it can get expensive quickly. Flooding, damaged pipes, and health hazards can grow costly, but these expenses are completely preventable. Scheduling a service to address the problem before it’s a problem can save you from paying for serious repairs down the road.

5. Protects Your Home’s Safety

Water damage can occur when your drains aren’t working properly. This can cause your home’s structure to weaken, allow mold and mildew to flourish, and lead to other problems around your home and yard. Poor drainage may allow standing water to collect in your yard, which can attract insects and pests, cause slippery surfaces, harm your landscaping, and cause soil erosion.

Routine plumbing and drain maintenance is an important part of caring for your home and ensuring that your family has a comfortable, healthy place to live. If you can’t remember the last time you had your home’s drains inspected and cleaned, then it’s time to pick up the phone and call your local Rock Castle plumbing experts at Patriot Pros Plumbing, Drains, Heating and Air. We’re ready to keep your home in top shape, with our experienced professionals and services.

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