Septic Tank Repair And Service In Castle Rock, CO


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Septic Tank Repair And Service In Castle Rock, CO

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but if the other side includes a failing septic system you may want to forgo the honor of having the most verdant grass in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, a failed septic tank system becomes an immediate priority for anyone enduring that ordeal. If you believe your business or home’s septic system to be suspect, you don’t want to wait to pick up the phone and get some top-notch, quality, professional help. In the greater Castle Rock, Colorado area, you want to make that call to our trained and talented technicians here at Patriot Pros Plumbing

The Warning Signs: When to Call

As you utilize your home’s plumbing system you might note a few things have been off of late. For instance, is there a slow drainage when you flush the toilets, or is water backing up into the toilets, sinks, or tubs? Is there an unusual gurgling sound, which accompanies every flush of the toilet, or each time you run the water? Do you notice any changes in your back yard where the septic tank is located? Are there obviously soggy areas in your lawn with depressions forming in the soil? Do parts of your grass exhibit a much darker green color than other sections of your lawn? Have you noticed unpleasant odors wafting about your property?

The truth is, any of these signs can be potential warning flags of serious septic tank system failure in your future. A typical septic tank system is composed of four primary components: the septic tank, pipes leading from your home to the tank, a drain field, and the soil itself.

Septic Tank Components

In this closed septic plumping system, the water leaves your house via the pipes to the submerged septic tank where it holds the wastewater long enough to allow solids to settle out, which forms a sludge that allows oil and grease to float to the surface. While in the tank, the solid materials are partially decomposed and held in compartments that keep the sludge from moving to the drainage fields.

Once the wastewater discharges into the drain field, additional treatment begins. This partially treated wastewater is pushed further into the drainage fields where the majority of it is designed to evaporate away while the remainder is absorbed into the soil.

Failure can occur at any point in the system and it takes a trained specialist to locate the problem and make the necessary repairs. Whether you need to have a complete septic tank installation, or you need new drain line installation, or just have to schedule regular maintenance work done, bringing in a professional early is a critical first step in solving your septic pumping issues.

Common Service Problems

Invariably, if sewage is backing up into your home or pooling in your yard, then there are typically a few culprits that can be viewed as the usual suspects in these matters:

Age—In addition to the normal wear and tear associated with an old septic system, older tanks may have been placed at depths that would not be accepted today under newly established guidelines such as those placed too near the water table or in appropriate soil.

Broken Fittings—Septic systems are comprised of numerous parts and pieces that are subject to wear and tear such as tee fittings and tank baffles. These parts are designed to slow down the inflow and outflow of wastewater giving bacteria the time it needs to begin breaking down the waste. When these parts break the entire system works less efficiently, and that shows up in your poorly performing plumbing.

Lack of Maintenance—If allowed to build up, solid waste will build to the point where it is forced out of the tank and into the drain field. Once in the field the waste clogs the gravel and soil, which then causes wastewater to back up or erupt from the ground.

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More than just another HVAC business in town, we view ourselves as part of your neighborhood and community. Our goal is to build a relationship with our customers through superior customer service, quality equipment, and a friendly attitude throughout every season. Our team is trained to the highest quality with factory-certification and ongoing refreshers that keeps us up to date on the latest information in the HVAC industry.

For more information and to schedule a service appointment, contact us today.

Yes, at Patriot Pros, we train constantly so we are able to know everything there is to know about your heating, plumbing, air, and electrical. We are the Experts. So when you hire a Patriot Pros professional you can be sure that you will get to the root of the problem — because when WE KNOW — YOU KNOW.


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