Air Conditioning Service In Black Forest, CO


Air Conditioning Service In Black Forest, CO

Air Conditioning Service in Black Forest, CO

Summers in Black Forest, CO tend to be sunny and hot, which makes the cool, air-conditioned home a favorite place to be. Now that summer is approaching, make sure your air conditioning system is working efficiently to keep your home cool and comfortable. Patriot Pros is one of Castle Rock’s premiere HVAC maintenance and service companies, serving the Front range area for more than 20 years.

Preparing your Air Conditioner for the Summer

To guarantee your air conditioner runs properly, it is important to inspect and maintain your air conditioning unit. This requires a visual inspection of the

  • Air filter for dirt buildup and moisture
  • Evaporator Coil to determine if it is functioning correctly
  • Power supply to check for nicks or tears in the line that could cause a fire hazard
  • Thermostat to ensure it is working properly

If you notice missing parts, corroded wires or malfunctioning components, call Patriot Pros to receive an honest and thorough inspection and a solution to fix your problem.

Before you Disable your Heater

Once you’re ready to stop using your heating system for the summer, remember to inspect your heating system just like you would your air conditioner before putting it away for the season. It can be hard to fix heating problems in the off-season because—let’s face it, who wants to run their Black Forest heating unit when the temperature outside is delightfully warm. This makes it important to stay on top of simple repairs and maintenance. Some advice:

  • Keep an eye on how your heater runs throughout the winter. Take note of any weird sounds, pooling of water at the base of the unit, or changes in how your furnace works, as these can all be signs that your furnace needs some professional help
  • Avoid the early demise of your furnace by changing the air filter on a monthly or semi-monthly basis. Also try to keep dust from building up on the outside and inside of the unit.
  • Know when to call the professionals at Patriot Pros for help in keeping your unit running.

We will inspect the pilot light, air filters, gas valve, thermostat and mechanical components thoroughly and provide you with upfront pricing on how much it will cost to fix your problem.

Our AC Repair and Replacement Guarantee

When the pros at Patriot Pros come to your home, our focus is on

Diagnosing your air conditioning problem or

Installing a new unit in a timely and efficient manner

Our service technicians are highly trained and complete a background check before we send them to your home, and they’re available to you 24/7/365 to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. We offer maintenance plans to help you stay on top of regular repairs, and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

When is it Time to Install a New Air Conditioning Unit?

Most modern air conditioners are designed to run effectively for 10-15 years. You can tell when it’s time for a new unit when you notice a sharp rise in the cost of your monthly electric bill or when you start to notice unusual noises or observe changes in how your machine is running. It is important to replace your ineffective air conditioner before it begins to cost you more to maintain and results in higher electric bills.

There are new units constantly added to your Black Forest, CO air conditioning selection. Many of them utilize power-saving technology and include features not previously available to consumers, including a higher efficiency that can help you to reduce your overall carbon footprint. Call our professional air conditioning technicians to find the best cooling options for your needs.

Installing your Own Home Air Conditioning System?

The maintenance and care of your air conditioner or furnace may involve the simple act of replacing a filter or changing out a piece of equipment, but consider this: our licensed professionals at Patriot Pros know how to discriminate between a simple fix and a more complex repair job when it comes to your heating and cooling system. They can tell you whether you’re saving money or wasting it and can fix or replace your equipment quickly so that you can return to your much cozier existence. Call on our professional repair technicians and put your faith in the Patriot Pros. We know what you need; we’ve been in the HVAC business for two decades.

Air Conditioning Services Through Patriot Pros

At Patriot Pros, our professionals are trained in the comprehensive care and installation of heating and air conditioning units, so you can rely on us to provide you with the best care in the Black Forest area. Our services include

  • Duct cleaning-Air quality is a vital measure in a home. Debris and allergens can get caught in the duct-work, wreak havoc on those who live within and damage sensitive equipment
  • New Duct-work Installation-If your duct-work no longer works for your needs, we can install a new layout to maximize your home’s air flow
  • New Unit Installation-When it is time to replace that old energy-burning furnace or air conditioner, our technicians can come to your home and install a unit that will provide you with energy-efficient heating and cooling for an affordable cost
  • Emergency Repair-When your furnace or air conditioner falters or fails altogether, our experienced installers offer fast service to get your equipment back on the job. We also offer you the opportunity to upgrade your equipment to ensure you have the best choices for carbon-friendly systems
  • Routine Inspection and Replacement of the Filter and other components-We offer an affordable maintenance plan for you heating/air conditioning systems that allow you to keep your furnace and air conditioner running long into the next decade

There are many reasons to call on Patriot Pros for all your HVAC needs:

Professional, licensed specialists

Quality, affordable products

Fast, efficient and friendly service

Give us a call at 720-897-5559 when you need a heating/cooling expert for your Black Forest, CO home or apartment. Like you, we are Proud Americans… Proudly serving your home.


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