Air Conditioning Service In Larkspur, CO


Air Conditioning Service In Larkspur, CO

Keeping a stable temperature inside your house is a big part of keeping a comfortable home. Doing this in Larkspur, CO, where the temperatures can swing from near freezing to hot and dry in a few hours, is a special challenge, especially if keeping your home heating and air conditioning costs down is a priority for you. Patriot Pros offers heating and air conditioning service in Larkspur, CO, to help you keep your home HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently. We provide local homeowners with inspections, cleaning, maintenance and repair service, as well as installations for new construction and replacement of old equipment. All the work we do is licensed and insured, and you are guaranteed to be 100-percent satisfied with the job we’ve done, no matter how big or how small. We also offer very flexible financing terms. Call Patriot Pros for an estimate today.

Common Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Many of the residential and commercial spaces in Larkspur, CO, use central heating and air conditioning systems to keep to a stable and comfortable temperature. These systems vary in design, but the key components of every system are broadly similar. If your house has a central climate control system, you probably have a network of air ducts inside the walls that connects to every room. These ducts can be made from flexible wire coil that’s sealed with durable plastic sheeting. Larger spaces may have sheet metal ducts, usually made from either aluminum or galvanized steel. This network is used by both the central heating and air conditioning systems, and it has to be kept largely sealed to efficiently move warm or cool air throughout the house.

The warm air in your ducts probably comes from a furnace. These can be large or small units, depending on the size of your home and the type of system you have installed. The most common units burn natural gas to heat the air, which is then pumped through the ducts to warm the house. All furnaces in the United States have certain safety features built in, such as automatic shutoff switches and exhaust ports. These have to be kept in good working order for your furnace to safely operate through the winter.

Central air conditioning works in a similar way to the heating system, but instead of a furnace pumping warm air, it’s a condenser unit blowing cold. When the temperature inside the house gets too high, your condenser powers on and pumps warm outside air into its evaporation coil system. These coils, which are filled with coolant like your refrigerator uses, then chill the air passing over them until it’s cold enough to pipe into the house through the ducts. Cool air coming out of the vents drops the temperature inside to a comfortable level, whereupon the system shuts down to save power.

Managing a system like this can be a chore, which is why nearly all HVAC systems have an automated thermostat to act as a control system. Houses in Larkspur, CO, use many different types of thermostats, depending on the age of the structure and the original installer’s preference, but they all work the same way. You can set the ideal temperature for your indoor spaces at the wall unit, which may be an analog dial or a digital smart thermostat that interfaces with your smartphone. When the temperature indoors gets too high, a signal is sent to run the condenser until things cool off. When it gets too cold, the system activates the furnace and sends warm air in to heat things up. When the maximum or minimum temperature you’ve set is reached, the thermostat cuts the system and lets the temperature stay stable inside.

Common Issues with Heating and Air Conditioning

For every component of a home heating or air conditioning system in Larkspur, CO, there are at least three or four things that can go wrong or demand attention. As a rule, your entire system should be inspected annually. Many experts advise having your heating system checked in fall, before you need it to get through the winter, and scheduling your annual air conditioning service in Larkspur, CO, for spring, so it’s ready for the summer heat.

Patriot Pros has trained and experienced heating and air conditioning service professionals who can inspect and maintain every part of your HVAC system for you. Our techs can non-invasively inspect the duct work in your walls and patch the system where we find a leak. We also clean the ducts as needed to keep dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants under control. We replace your air filters as part of the service, and the 25-point inspection protocol we follow often identifies issues before they become a problem for you.

When we inspect your heater, we make a special point of checking the safety cutoffs and sensors. Your furnace should automatically switch off if there’s a blockage in the exhaust duct, or if the system is producing hazardous carbon monoxide gas. We can make sure this safety system works, as well as repair or replace any components that seem not to be working perfectly.

When Patriot Pros technicians inspect your air conditioner, there’s a lot to look for. We check your condenser’s fans and air pumps, make sure no refrigerant is leaking from the evaporation coils and check to make sure the air is blowing cold, like it should. If the refrigerant is exhausted, which eventually happens, we can recharge it for you. We also look for mold and other signs of water leakage inside the system, including tight corners it’s hard to inspect on your own. If the system is making unusual noises or performing at less than the efficiency you expect, our trained, licensed and bonded techs can find the source of the problem and get it fixed for you right away.

Replacement and Repair Air Conditioning Services in Larkspur, CO

Patriot Pros treats every issue with your heating and air conditioning service seriously. When you call us for service, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps can talk with you about the HVAC system in your home and provide you with an estimate for some services over the phone. We can usually schedule same-day air conditioning service in Larkspur, CO, with emergency appointments available as needed. Our technicians give you a clear, easy-to-understand quote for service before you agree to work being done, so there aren’t any surprises in the bill later on. All of the work that we do for you is licensed by the state, and it’s insured to give you peace of mind in the quality of work you’re getting from us. We stand by every job that we do for our friends and neighbors in the Larkspur, CO, area that we offer a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee for every job.

Flexible Financing from Our Partners

We know that large-scale installation and repair work on your HVAC sytem may not fit into your budget all at once, especially if the system has just broken down unexpectedly. We also know you need your air conditioning serviced and working as soon as possible, and that emergency repairs can’t wait. That’s why Patriot Pros offers fantastic financing plans through our partner institutions. We can offer you low- and no-interest payment plans, low monthly payments and limited-time no payment options to help you fix your air conditioning without breaking the budget.

Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Larkspur, CO

Patriot Pros is a local company that’s been in business since 1997. We are proud Americans who are glad to serve our community in the region between Castle Rock, CO, and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. Nearby towns we work in include:

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The staff at Patriot Pros Plumbing, Drains, Heating, and Air is passionate about our work and our customers. We keep a flexible schedule so we’re available to help you during the day and in the evening, outside of regular working hours. In addition to guaranteeing your satisfaction with the work that we do, we also offer free second opinions and flexible financing terms through our partners. We are always on the lookout for new ways to improve your quality of living at home, as well as to educate our neighbors about saving energy and keeping their homes as comfortable as possible. Call us today at (720) 897-5559 for a free estimate, or fill out our convenient online contact form to schedule a heating and air conditioning service in Larkspur, CO, as soon as possible.


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