Air Conditioning Service In Sedalia, CO


Air Conditioning Service In Sedalia, CO

If you live or work in the areas south of the Metropolitan Denver area, you know the region swings from hot summers to cold winters. These extremes of temperature require your home heating and air conditioning system to run at close to peak performance all year round. Patriot Pros, a Castle Rock-based HVAC provider, offers heating and air conditioning service in Sedalia, CO, to keep your climate control system up and running safely and efficiently. Our service area includes most of the southern communities in the Denver area, and we offer same-day service and a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee for our customers.

Home Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

The climate inside your home maintains a balance between the heat and the cold, usually with the air outside the structure pushing in the opposite direction from whatever your comfort zone is inside. Central HVAC systems do this by piping warm or cool air into every room of your house through ducts concealed in the walls. These ducts work best when they’re completely sealed along their length, which limits losses due to leakage, and clean enough to keep the air flowing freely.

The warm air in your home probably comes from a furnace. This is often located in a garage or basement, though it can be contained in an outdoor cabinet by the side of your house. Most home furnaces use natural gas to heat the air in their chambers, though propane or home heating oil are popular in some areas. Warm air from the furnace is pumped through the ducts and into the rooms of a structure until the inside temperature has risen to a set point, when the fan shuts off and the furnace cuts back the flow of gas to save energy. The system kicks back on if the temperature drops too low.

Air Conditioners work in a similar way, though they use condensers with evaporation coils instead of a furnace. Using electrical power drawn from your house mains, the condenser passes outside air over evaporation coils. These coils contain refrigerant, and internal changes in pressure cause them to get very cold very quickly. Warm summer air from outside passes over these coils and rapidly cools down before the air conditioner fan blows it into the house through the ducts. When the house cools down to the level you’ve set for it, the system shuts off until the temperature rises again.

The heating and cooling systems in your house are centrally controlled by a thermostat system accessible from inside the residence. Thermostats come in many varieties, from old-fashioned dial-faced units to modern smart thermostats that include timers, sensors, carbon monoxide alarms and wireless connections that let them run from your smartphone. Set the ideal temperature range for you into the thermostat, and it responds to temperature changes by switching on or off the heater or air conditioner, which it is connected to by a relatively simple electrical system.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services

While the system controlling your home’s climate is relatively simple, it still has a lot of components that need regular service, maintenance and repair to keep working well. Patriot Pros’ expert technicians are trained in all aspects of heating and air conditioning service in Sedalia, CO, and we offer flexible appointments to inspect and maintain your system.


Inspections are a big part of keeping any electrical or mechanical system up and running, and your HVAC system arguably needs this more than the other systems in your house. Patriot Pros offers a professional 25-point inspection of your system that includes air filter replacement, leak and pressure checks for gas, cleaning of sensitive systems, validation of your wiring and electrical components and even a check for asbestos, which can be harmful if it gets into the air inside your home. After the inspection is finished, we give you a full report written in plain language, so you know whether you need air conditioning service or not, and how extensive the work needs to be if you do. It’s generally advisable to have your HVAC system checked once a year, ideally with the heater system inspected every fall and the air conditioner serviced in the spring, immediately prior to use. Inspections are also called for whenever anything seems off about the unit’s performance, or if you smell gas or suspect a problem with the system.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Patriot Pros has trained, experienced technicians who are licensed, bonded and insured to work on your heating and cooling systems. We can install and replace just about any component of either system, and we guarantee your satisfaction with all of the repairs we make. We can replace your old thermostat with something newer and easier to operate. We repair and replace furnaces, burners and boilers in the heating system. We can replace, service and maintain your air conditioner’s condenser, or any single component of it, from the coils to the blower. Our techs have the tools to inspect your ducts, identify any leaks in the system and patch them up for you, which can save a lot of heating and cooling cost by preventing a loss of air into the walls. We can also help you stay safe by spotting and correcting carbon monoxide leaks, which are often the result of a backed-up flume and faulty detector/shutoff switch somewhere in the system. We offer same-day service to most areas, so even emergency calls are no problem for us to answer fast.

Electrical Systems

The electrical components of your HVAC system take special knowledge and care to properly care for. Our technicians are all trained on these systems, and we can help you keep the control components working up to code and up to your satisfaction. We routinely check the condition of your wires during our 25-point inspection, looking for old and corroded wires that may be faulty or hazardous to leave in place. Often, our tests identify shorts in the system that are affecting how the HVAC controls work, or that may become a fire risk in the future. We’re able to remove and replace old wires, obsolete wall units and defective or malfunctioning circuit boards inside the thermostat. Of course we also check to make sure everything is working great before we leave, so you can trust the results of our work.

Same-Day Air Conditioning Service in Sedalia, CO

Patriot Pros has been in the South Metro Denver area since 1997, and we’re proud of the relationship we’ve built with the communities all around us. Over and over, many local customers call us to schedule annual or seasonal inspections of their systems, install new systems they’ve bought or simply to provide minor heating and air conditioning service in Sedalia, CO. We’re based in Castle Rock, less than 6 miles from town on Highway 85, which means we’re never too far away to set up appointments with the surrounding communities. Areas in the southern reaches of the Denver area where we work include:

  • Black Forest
  • Castle Pines
  • Colorado Springs
  • Elizabeth
  • Franktown
  • Highlands Ranch
  • Kiowa
  • Larkspur
  • Littleton
  • Lone Tree
  • Monument
  • Parker

Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Sedalia, CO

Patriot Pros is a group of proud Americans who love serving the communities we live in. All the work we do is licensed and insured, and we guarantee every job to your 100-percent satisfaction. Whether you are interested in a quick and thorough inspection of the HVAC system in your home, or you think something needs replacement or repair, or if you think there might be a hazardous issue with the system and need somebody to come out right away, we’re here to help you. Call us today at (720) 897-5559, and talk with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps about your system’s needs, or you can fill out our online contact form to say hello and schedule professional air conditioning service in Sedalia, CO, right away.


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