air conditioning castle rock co

Air conditioning in Castle Rock, CO should not be something that any residential household is missing. Given that summer days in Colorado can get really hot, the last thing that you would want to feel is being uncomfortable in your own home.

That is why having air conditioning units in Castle Rock, CO will be very beneficial to you. In summer days wherein the temperature is a bit higher than usual, all you have to do is to turn on the AC and you are good to go.

However, there are times when these air conditioning units you have at homework so hard and have not been maintained properly to the point that it breaks down. This is the perfect time for you to call in an air conditioning repair service in Castle Rock, CO. They will be the one to assess and fix whatever you have going on in your air conditioning units.

Let’s take a look at the common problems of an AC breakdown.

Dirty Air Filters

Dust and other unwanted microorganisms are scattered all around your home. When your AC units are turned on, you can expect that it will absorb the dirt going around your room. Dirt is absorbed by your air conditioning unit’s air filters. This is the main reason why when you open your AC units up, you see that the air filters are dirty. These are the accumulated dirt captured from your home or office.

AC unit owners should regularly clean their air filters at least three to six months a year. This is so you are ensured that dirt will not accumulate so much inside the filters. You are also increasing your air conditioning unit’s work efficiency when you clean out the filters. However, not everyone has the time to clean out their air filters. When these are not cleaned out, the dirt trapped inside could form into volumes up until the filters are totally blocked and could not filter anymore.

Calling air conditioning repair services for help in clearing out your dirty filters would be the best way for you to do. This is especially when you have not had your filters cleaned for about a year. The cleaning process itself will not just entail soaking it in detergent and water. The AC repair company would have the right tools for the deep cleaning of the filters. 

Thermostat Issues

One of the most common causes of thermostat issues is misalignment. The problem may be too easy to solve; however, you should leave this to the professionals. Let them handle the situation. It is not just a simple task of aligning the thermostat sensor. This requires someone with the right tools to open the whole air conditioning system up and assess it for further damage before fixing the problem.

Broken Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are the ones responsible for absorbing the heat. This heat would then be transferred to the refrigerant. Without it or it being broken would mean that it is most likely that you will feel humid in your room. Usually, leaky evaporator coils are associated with the age of the air conditioning unit. These leaks are often caused by formic acid buildup due to interactions between moisture, oxygen, and volatile chemicals on the surface of the copper tubing that makes up the coils. Due to the nature of the problem, it cannot exactly be that easy to point out that there is already an evaporator leak present. You have to call on an AC repair expert who will be the one to have to take a look at your AC unit.

This is one of the air conditioning situations that you cannot simply deal with on your own. Fixing broken evaporator coils is a long, tedious, and meticulous process. An air conditioning repair services company in Colorado will have the right person sent over to your home to get the job done. 

Refrigerant Leaks

It is not only the evaporator coil that is responsible for absorbing the heat in your home. A refrigerant, commonly known as freon, is also inside your air conditioning systems. These are chemicals that help the coils absorb the heat in your rooms. Common causes of AC system refrigerant leaks are wear and tear, pinhole leak, and the presence of formaldehyde.

When the leaks are not addressed as soon as possible, you will notice that your energy bills will shoot up. This is because your air conditioning units are working hard to get the temperature of its surroundings down to compensate for its inefficiency.

Other air conditioning unit owners would just load up their refrigerants and think that this would solve the problem. It does not. Often times, refrigerant leaks do not just mean that your systems are running low on it. There are root causes that have to be addressed, and the only way it can be fixed is through the help of an air conditioning repair service in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Electrical Failure Or Corroded Wiring

Breakdowns of air conditioning units can be caused by several electrical failures in the system or corroded wiring. These problems may include failing capacitors, open or stuck relays, and frequently tripped circuit breakers. Among the three reasons of electrical failure, the most common cause of electrical failure is tripped circuit breakers. You can notice this whenever you turn on the air conditioning unit. Usually, it causes the circuit breakers to trip regularly. Your air conditioning system will then demand power, which could cause faulty wiring or problems in motors.

Do Not Troubleshoot These Air Conditioning Problems By Yourself

Whatever happens, no matter how simple the situation looks like, do not attempt to fix the air conditioning problem yourself. You should call for air conditioning services in Castle Rock, Colorado to help solve your problems. Not only are these AC service companies considered to be experts in the field, but they also have the right tools and skillset to deal with your AC problems. Don’t allow any AC problems to cause you stress. Let a professional AC repair service company fix your AC unit when problems arise!